MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Gundam Paper craft

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Today we have MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Gundam paper craft by blackgentle .

I have two Gouf in my possession. One is blue and the other one is sand color which I haven’t build yet. Suffice to say that I love Gouf and Zaku.

I just love their design aside from other Gundams.

There are 2 version MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom for sale I found on Hobby Search website, MG and HGUC. The MS-07b-3 Gouf Master Grade 1/100 scale retail at 24.28USD while HGUC 1/144 is 12.95USD.

Both is in stock and I really recommend you to buy it if you are a model kits fan.

Anyway this paper craft model is made by blackgentle, a Korean pepakura designer. The templates comes in PDF.

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