Strea’s Sword Cosplay Paper craft

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Something for the cosplayer here a life size Strea’s sword model from the Sword Art Online video game Infinity Moment, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, and Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

I’m not sure if she made any appearances in the anime as I only watched the series up till Kirito’s awaken. I didn’t like Alfheim so I stopped there.


The long of this sword should be about 124 cm as you can see from Strea’s picture the sword should be as tall as her. She is about 150-160cm though.. It’s re-sizable so for taller people you could make it even longer .

It’s by far the easiest model I unfolded. Like-wise assembling it is easy. If you do made this please do share your finish model picture with me.

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