Nyreen Kandros Mask Paper craft

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Here we have Nyreen Kandros mask paper craft from the game Mass Effect.

Nyreen Kandros?is the leader of the?Talons?mercenary?organization on?Omega?in 2186. Unlike the group’s previous leader, Nyreen has a strong moral compass and extensive military experience, traits which gave her the skills necessary to convert the Talons from a lawless gang to a highly disciplined operation devoted to aiding and protecting Omega’s civilians.

The mask requires 11 sheets of paper to build. The game paper craft difficulty is Hard as it has many parts. There’s about 129 parts alltogether.

The current mask scale is 24.5cm height and 21cm width but if your head size is bigger you can resize it using pepakura designer.

The mask then can be harden with our harden papercraft guide

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