Strike Witches Feredica Papercraft

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Federica joined the 504th Joint Fighter Wing in Strike Witches series, she is originated from Romagna.

Despite looking a bit tan in this display picture, she look much more like a fair skin Japanese people in anime and manga illustration.

Feredica was into engineering but her aptitude with being an aerial combat was high so she was enlisted into military. She then opted for a test pilot but the war broke out and she returns back into military.

She now acts as a Squadron Leader for the 504th Joint Fighter Wing.

So I heard that Strike Witches is what Kantai Collection is based upon and sometimes these Japanese pepakura designer combined both quality into their model, to be honest there are a lot of similarities in many chara in Kancolle and Strike Witches.

Feredica N. Doglio here is made by rahamu. Half of Strike Witches model that you can find on MYP is made by him.

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