Oreimo Kuroneko Adult version Papercraft

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This is Kuroneko aka Ruri Gokou from Oreimo’s anime. I previously post a normal anime version of Ruri Gokou in bikini before here.

The difference between the previous Kuroneko and this new Kuroneko is that this version has an adult figure and she’s not holding a beach ball in her hand. I suppose this is what the designer “luka” imagination of a sexy adult of Ruri Gokou.

Ruri Gokou is one of the side characters in Oreimo anime is an avid fan of the fantasy seinen series Maschera, and hates anime that focus on moe and cuteness to sell (I share the same POV) .

Ruri is very skillful when it comes to gaming, being able to defeat the staff member at the Summer Comiket with relative ease, since she didn’t or doesn’t really appear stressed when she plays on difficult modes.

Oreimo Kuroneko anime papercraft requires 7 sheets of paper , comes in pdo file.

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