Heatcliff by Edo

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We have another submission of Heatchliff here by Edo Lazuardi from Indonesia.

I finished Heathcliff in 10 days. I’ve modified the leg and the right hand position, so his pose won’t be to ‘stiff’.

The hardest part for human paper-craft usually in finger part, but this paper craft has simple pattern for the finger part, so I think the hardest part will be his sword (quite thin in the holder).

And, oh ya, its so hard to balancing him due to his big shield, i fill this paper craft with cotton, to make him heavier and softer to touch so it won’t break easily if fall down and in his shoes i put some rocks to put weight so he wont fall forward.

Model is printed in 110gr Inkjet Paper.

Thank you Edo Lazuardi for sharing. To others that would like to share your models please take your model photo with a piece of paper with your nickname and preferable mypapercraft.net too and submit to us by FB or by e-mail admin [at] mypapercraft dot net .

Download Heathcliff Model