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taihokancolle - Chibi Taihou Kancolle Papercraft

Chibi Taihou Kancolle Papercraft

This model is a chibi version of Taihou from Kantai Collection browser game / Kancolle that is currently the most popular browser game in Japan. Taihou is a Class Armored Carrier and there is another henshin version of Taihou which is a Class Armored Aircraft Carrier. Her name “Taihou” mean “Great Pheonix” in Japanese.
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Goldenglue Shin Getter 1 - Shin Getter Robot 1 Papercraft

Shin Getter Robot 1 Papercraft

Shin Getter Robo is a fictional mecha from Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa’s Getter Robo universe. It first appeared in the last volume of the Getter Robo Go manga, then made famous by the Super Robot Wars series of video games. It has appeared in two separate OVAs and several of Nagai and Ishikawa’s manga.
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snake - Metal Gear Solid Snake Papercraft

Metal Gear Solid Snake Papercraft

I posted snake in a box but haven’t post a full figure snake yet so here is Snake in his full figure papercraft! Tomorrow is the day where the new Metal Gear Solid series , Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes will be released worldwide. Ground Zeroes is the shortest MGS game ever released, consist of only 2 hours gameplay and this is due to Ground Zeroes is just an epilogue game for the next MGS series, Phantom Pain.
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