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Last month Amiami.com open up pre-order of Danboard’s mini plastic model kit which costed around $10. It height about 3 1/2 inches.

Being a cheapskate I ordered it right away and received it last week so here’s my puny review of this kit. If you’re looking for Danboard’s papercraft template , it’s Here

Warning ; loads of non professional images ahead.

This Danboard Mini Plastic Model Kit is by Kotobukiya, shipping by Amiami.com took about 4 days using EMS. In case you haven’t heard of Danboard, Danboard originated from Yotsuba&! manga. If I recall Danbo appear in just one chapter which is chapter 28.

Quality wise I see a lot of visible crack lines on the kit. Also I’ve managed to broke one of Danbo’s arm part partly caused by that. See those cracks below? You won’t feel it on part surfaces but you can see continuation of cracks line from front to back side of parts.

Those lines are visible on my past gundam kit as well but they weren’t visible on the back of the kit and no continuation lines like it’s going to split into two ..

This kit were made in China so I wonder if it had anything to do with the China-Japan island dispute since this were made during those month. Perhaps something goes like this ; “the japanese want to take our land let’s make this product in rush and bad quality and take the pay before they close down our factory!”

Well joking aside that’s the only way I could cheer my heart up after breaking on of its arm 🙁

Compared to Gundam kit that I made before, the frame on this one is hard to snap off leaving some unwanted frame marks on my Danbo’s part.

It does not consist a lot of parts and fairly easy to assemble. All you need to do is just snap the parts firmly. In my case it was way too firmed and when I realize I had placed one part wrong and try to fix it, it snapped on me.

Kinda makes me angry really.. The frame were hard to break apart but the parts are easily broken. Ta heck..

I think my Danboard is a girl as she can flip of her skirts up. Or it could be a he that likes to flash his twang lolz.

And here we are with the finished product. The kit comes with coloring guide but I’m going to leave it naked. My opinion on this kit is that it’s cheap and you’ll get a moveable plastic model Danboard which is good enough for non serious hobbyist like me.

Perhaps in the hand of a pro this kit would be even better than those that were sold at $30 bucks each.