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I use to own this tv back in the 80s . This retro tv is actually the same type that we can see in Doraemon and Maruko chan anime.

Panasonic’s 17K-531, the pioneering National TV set, played a pivotal role in the history of Japanese television. With its rectangular CRT and screen, it ushered in a new era of television technology, setting the standard for future designs.

The exorbitant cost and perceived value of TV sets at the time made them objects of intense curiosity, ultimately capturing the interest and admiration of the general public. The 17K-531’s legacy endures as a testament to Panasonic’s innovation and its significant contribution to the evolution of television broadcasting in Japan.

This tv requires 3 sheets of paper and fairly easy to build. It also gave you option for what type of screen do you want the tv to show on . Great diorama to go with danbo don’t you think?

This model is one that I posted back in 2011. After a few years Panasonic changed their links and I couldn’t find back all of Panasonic paper models. I have finally found it today and posted here for you guys.

Reupload again after receiving report that the file is missing. Thanks for reporting


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