Respirator Mask Papercraft

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respirator mask template

Difficulty :

Hello everyone. Today I’m sharing this respirator mask papercraft. Even though It can’t be use in real life, it looks awesome as a model.

During this quarantine lockdown, everyone is in consensus that when you go out to buy groceries or do any important errand, you have a mask on you.

To avoid being afflicted with Covid-19 , remember to avoid touching handle doors, public places ,your face and your eyes. Remember to wash your hand immediately with a hand sanitize or with soap.

However, a doctor or a few doctors in my country has been advising against wearing a mask if you are not sick, having a flu or cough because it could make you even more susceptible to the virus when you keep adjusting your face mask.

To ensure the longevity of these papercraft creations, it’s essential to reinforce the papercraft during the making process.

Papercraft Templates

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