PS Vita Papercraft

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It’s the end of year where everywhere you would see a sale is happening. Black Friday, 12/12, Cyber Monday, Christmas sale and end of the year sale practically everything is on sale but the truth is most shop is just placing sale sticker without reducing price.

As for me I was thinking on getting a PlayStation Vita this coming sale, and I also wanted a flute. Currently there’s a lot of seller that is selling store bundle where you’d get Valhalla Knight, a PS Vita, screen protector and 8gb cards at $2xx but I don’t have enough money yet and my money is more inclined towards a flute.

A cheap Chinese flute cost less than $100.

However, I did manage to grab myself a PS Plus on black Friday sale from Amazon, they were cheap about $30 from normal price $50. So I should be aiming for Vita since I had a lot of Vita games now lol.

Okay back to our papercraft , our PS Vita papercraft requires only 2 sheet of paper . The templates are in .PDO only and its designer name is Uutan.

Papercraft Templates