Mikasa by MVSE

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Hey guys here’s another model shared by MVSE ( Mark Esagunde ) from Pasig, Philippines.

MVSE shared with me his finish version of Mikasa a few day ago and me being absent minded forgot about it. He even re-took the pics again to follow our guidelines.. Sorry mark 😥

Bits of info we got from MVSE is that Mikasa model comes complete with nylon strings painted black to recreate wires and added Blood Kurecolor markers at the blades.

Mikasa that MVSE made here is by korean designer Librehong. It requires 12 sheets of paper comes in pdf and pdo templates. This is a very hard model to built, well at least to make it looks as good as this is a very hard thing to do, require delicate attention to details.

Well done MVSE and thanks for sharing it with us ! In case if anyone wonder why I didn’t ask any information from MVSE first before posting this.. Well since he posted few days ago, I don’t think I should left him waiting anymore.

Mikasa Download