Puella Magi Momoe Nagisa Papercraft

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Our 2nd papercraft for this year is Momoe Nagisa from Puella Magi movie : The Rebellion Story which is the third movie of the Madoka Magica Movie trilogy. It was released in Japan on October 26th, 2013.

Nagisa is actually Charlotte in magical form. This is proven from Nagisa’s bangs and ears resembling parts of Charlotte’s forehead in doll form and her pigtails.

Nagisa also wore similar clothing colors as Charolotte’s. Lastly, the movie itself confirmed that Nagisa is Charlotte’s magical form.

In collaboration with the movie, a nendoroid and figma version of Nagisa momoe is announced in GoodSmile’s english blog back in Oct 2013, but I haven’t seen it selling in any shop yet. I’m not sure if I have missed it or it hasn’t been released yet. However the planned figma and nendoroid is not wearing the same outfit as our papercraft model here. She was wearing something way cuter and childish looking.

You guys can check it yourself by clicking on GoodSmile blog link above. Her papercraft templates only requires 2 sheets of paper , comes in .PDO and PDF version.

Papercraft Templates

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