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There are 12 cats in The Purring Quest PC game, they are Oskar, Henri, Nala, Kimchi, Cooper, Tika, Nora, Abb, Snicker, Sheldon, Daisy and Tonks.

The Purring Quest is an indie game available on STEAM. In it you play as a cat and meets other celebrity cats and save them from their miserable life.

For example Nora is the piano playing cat and Nala is the famous printer fighting cat. These cats are characters from popular YouTube’s cat videos and their life ain’t exactly miserably treated but in this game you will do quest to save them.

As a cat you will need to fight against nemesis such as rats , dogs and birds. You’ll need to climb building and jumps through hardship just like Super Mario games.

Last but not least as a cat you’ll need to wash yourself often.

The paper toys crafts are designed for kids. It’s an easy fun crafts designed by Valhalla Cats that require little assembling as it only has 3 parts and requires 1 piece of printing paper.

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