Red Hulk Paper craft

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Difficulty :

Today we have Red Hulk , the opposite version of Green Hulk .

Til that red hulk isn’t Bruce Branner. Red Hulk is actually General Thaddeus Ross .

General Thaddeus Ross or nickname ‘Thunderbolt’ for his ability to execute lightning-quick battle strike tactics. But when a career devoted to hunting the Incredible Hulk turned into a dangerous obsession, Ross ultimately became his own worst nightmare – consumed by vengeance, he was transformed into the unstoppable Red Hulk!

Red Hulk paper craft size is 30cm tall and 31 cm width with only 140 parts needs assembling.

Red Hulk has its own Marvel premium figurine model from Sideshow Collectibles with a retail price of 549.99 USD. Quite a hefty price so might as well build this paper craft model 😛

Paper craft by PJ Excelero

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