Robonyan 3000 Paper craft

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Here’s another boss character from Youkai Watch Nintendo 3DS game and anime.

Robonyan 3000 is a beloved character from the popular game and anime series, Yo-Kai Watch. This futuristic feline embodies the perfect blend of cuteness and advanced technology. With his sleek metallic body and glowing red eyes, Robonyan 3000 is a sight to behold. Equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and an array of high-tech gadgets, he is a formidable ally in battles against mischievous Yo-kai.

Despite his robotic nature, Robonyan 3000 possesses a heart of gold and a strong sense of justice. His loyalty to his friends is unwavering, and he always strives to protect those in need.

With his impressive arsenal and unwavering determination, Robonyan 3000 is a true hero in the Yo-Kai Watch universe. Just like Robonyan 28, this boss can’t be recruited or be friends with because it’s too powerful.

The same person that made Robonyan 28 made this model, It is made by Porarisu Karuedo.

Robonyan 3000 made his apperance in Yo-kai Watch Busters: Moon Rabbit Team.

Similarly to Robonyan 28, Robonyan 3000 might be based on Black Ox, recurring villain from Tetsujin 28, giant robot created by the mad scientist Dr. Franken Shutain and main antagonist of the Hakuchi no Zangetsu theatrical movie.

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