Re-learning Blender and making more anime models

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Hey guys it’s been a while. Here I’m gonna give you some updates of what I’ve been up to.

Well for starters, remember the So I made Anya on Blender post from before? I’ve decided to take a course on Blender and create a proper Anya from scratch. The courses should’ve take only a month to finish.

Problem with that is I am not pressured enough to learn all the courses (despite aiming to be at least comfortable with blender) , I kind of procrastinate on it and it has taken me more than a month to learn 1 simple course.

However I do make a little progress , as you can see my render above is a creation of a cyborg of mine.

It’s nothing fancy, but from learning the course I realized what’s missing and should be adjusted from my previous Anya model.

All that left is to learn on how to make anime hair. I will try my best to do so and when that happens, I will publish lots of anime paper craft. Let’s hope that those futures anime papercraft will look like a proper papercraft models 😛