Russian KV-1 Tank Paper craft

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KV-1 is Russian Heavy tank which is mass-produced and used during 1939-1943. According to research, 5219 built KV-1 made during those years.

In the game World of Tanks it is a Soviet tier 5 heavy tank.

Yes I know my tank from WOT games but recently there’s a new MMO available for PC and PS4 called War Thunder. Tried it on PC and didn’t like it, it feels rough to control. Perhaps its better in PS4?

This is not an easy model to build, using many small parts it focuses on making it looks as detail as it can be. If you’re a beginner don’t try building this.

The scale is 1/72 and model created by lazylife : H A K O N O K O U B O U, a Japanese pepakura designer.

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