Sazabi Gundam Papercraft

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Difficulty :

Cristian Patricio Gonzalez shared his finished version of MSN-04 Sazabi Gundam papercraft in our facebook page. It is still in working progress but it looks good enough for me even without all the details 😀

If you’re interested with more of Cristian papercraft work you may check his facebook here

There is two version of MSN-04 Sazabi Gundam papercraft and the one Cristian made is from Papertang. For those that is interested to make this model , we don’t have Papertang version here but we do have SD Sazabi full armor and simple version. We also have Karenboy MSN-04 custom made which you can download here

In my personal opinion, I prefer the modified version of Sazabi by Karenboy.

SD Sazabi Templates
Karenboy MSN-04 Sazabi Papercraft Templates

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