Sword Art Online Chibi Yui Papercraft

It is finally here! Yui from Sword Art Online anime papercraft!! I’ve been giving out teaser on our facebook face but only one person got it half right 😛

Yui is the artificial daughter of Kirito and Asuna, Kirito and Asuna found her around the forests of the 22nd Floor of the Floating Castle Aincrad. She was supposed to be erased from Sword Art Online once the game ended but she was able to retain herself in ALfheim Online.

Yui is a simple model that requires just 3 piece of paper. Making it is easy but might be a bit complicated for those with big hands as her parts is smaller than Kirito’s and Asuna’s.

I hope you enjoy making Yui and as usual this is a featured papercraft for mypapercraft.net. Please do not upload this anywhere else and please keep the file here as I did not get this online, I bought it myself and share it with you guys. If I keep seeing them on freehost or other website I might stop buying and share stuff with you. Please do alert others that are doing so. Thanks and happy papercrafting!

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