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Difficulty :

Another model by Edge Papercraft were sent to us , this time it is Chibi Miku designed by Seisakudiary.

I think Mateusz really did well with this model, it look as sharp as Seisaku’s model , only its color is a bit different. This is a difficult model to built as the parts is really small and delicate. It has joints just like a real nendoroid with different pose and accessories that it can hold to.

You got to salute Mateusz , your model is good enough for sale man..

Miku is a humanoid character from a synthesizer software called Vocaloid. In another word she is the persona of Vocaloid.

Miku uses Yamaha Corporation?s Vocaloid 2 and Vocaloid 3 singing synthesizing technologies. Miku is known worldwide and made many albums. Her albums are ; supercell, Cinnamon Philosophy, unformed, Toy Box!!, HATSUNE MIKU -Project DIVA- Original Song Collection, EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalogenesis feat.Miku Hatsune, 8 bit darling project, Re:MIKUS, ACTRESS AGAIN, Re:Package, Affairs of Life, Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39?s Giving Day, Re:Dial, Karakuri Manyoshu feat. Hatsune Miku, NextOne, Closed System, Fictional World, MIKU-Pack 01 Song Collection ?SCHOOL DAYS?, Interlude, HATSUNE MIKU -Project DIVA Arcade- Original Song Collection.

Miku rythm software is also available in PSP and PS Vita games.

Hatsune Miku Chibi Model Templates

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