Shiranui Mai Figurine Papercraft

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This character need no introduction, as many would know her from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters video game series.

Shiranui is claimed to be a modern female ninja and the granddaughter of Ninjutsu Master Shiranui Hanzo. She has the ability to create and control fire and she is also the founding members of the King of Fighters Tournament’s , Women Fighters Team.

According to the storyline, she is said to like Andy Bogard, who is also learning Ninjutsu from Shiranui Hanzo.

Mai character’s “jiggles” obnoxiously, making her the famous character loved to be played by boys all over the world. Mai has been regionally censored; the breast-bounce animation was removed in the North American versions of Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special and The King of Fighters 2002 video game.

Shiranui Mai model is made by Game Over requires 7 sheets of paper and comes in .PDO and .PDF instruction.

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