Skyrim Trebuchet Diorama

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Some genius guy named Bryan Tan made a Trebuchet bases from the game Skyrim. He is a very creative, productive artist that has been making game, anime and movie based models for free for a long time now.

Some of his previous model that I posted before is the Skyrim Imperial helm, Skyrim Sword and many more.. Just search for Skyrim and you’ll found some of his models on our site.

Now about this trebuchet, to be honest I don’t remember it’s being use anywhere? Maybe you need to join either the Imperial Army or the Stormcloak. I never get to those part, I quit playing after they ask me to kill the kind Dragon that has been helping main character.

If you wants to build a medieval diorama scenery then this has to be one main ingredient for your models.

Skyrim Trebuchet Download