Seaforth Police Station Papercraft

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This is a diorama police station based on the historical Seaforth Police Station that was took down in 2007.

It is made by Armada Model Designs LTD, who specializes in aerodynamic analysis, offering engineering consultancy and support services ranging from the design of vehicles and related components, to the design of computer simulations and wind tunnel studies.

These Seaforth Police Station diorama is just one of the models they made for fun. They seem to make a lot of basic looking diorama model which is useful to us, or me in that matter.

I’ve been looking for some basic town diorama to make background seems real for my figma and anime paper crafts. Even though the models seem simple enough, but its entirely perfect based on real architecture, as you can see from the black and white picture above that is taken when the building still stood.

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