Steam locomotive Os24 Paper Model

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This Steam locomotive Os24 is from Poland, operable during 1925-1927 within the speed of 60km/h to 90km/h .

This is a paper craft made for adults.

Os24 is modeled over Austrian Locomotive 570 series and only 60 units were produced during those years.

It was first produced in First Factory of Locomotives in Poland, Chrzanow . During its era it runs through Warsaw, Cracow, Radom and Stanislavian.

Our locomotive model here requires 8 sheets of printing paper and comes with a rail track template. So you can print the track template as many as you want and make a long track if you like.

The scale is 1:64..

If you would like to see this live , Os24 is now available for viewing in The Railway Museum in Warsaw .

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