Steins Gate Makise Kurisu Papercraft

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Makise Kurisu from the anime Steins Gate. Makise Kurisu , rather known as Christina the assistant of Okabe Rintarou the mad scientist.

Kurisu aka Christina is a child genius, at the early age of elementary school she surpassed her father in mathematical theories on how to successfully do a time travel.

Frighten by her daughter that has surpassed her , Kurisu’s father abandoned her and refused to think of her as his daughter.

Kurisu later met Okabe in a conference and Okabe warned her about her impending death but Kurisu didn’t die and ended up joining Okabe’s lab . After meeting Okabe, she managed to code and design a microwave to send memories back into past.

Makise Kurisu 3D papercraft model is designed by and requires 25 sheets of paper to build. It comes in PDO files.

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