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Believe it or not in Japan this is the mascot for SiS chipset company. Sis is a chipset company that made chipset to the earlier processor such as intel socket 478, socket 775, socket 754 , amd 940, amd am2 .

Mainboards using the SiS 530 were positioned as cheap office platforms and paired often with low-cost chips from Intel competitors, such as the AMD K6 series or Cyrix 6×86. They are also involved in making graphic chipset.

I’m not sure how or why is this girl in maid suit become the mascot as I’m not fluent in Japanese infact this explanation I’m writing here might be wrong . It could be a different story 😛 but from the gist of it this is what I can conclude ; she is the mascot for SiS.

Sis Moe Mascot papercraft requires 3 sheet of paper, easy to make and comes with picture Japanese assembling guide.

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