Strike Witches Raisa Pottgen Papercraft

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Raisa Pottgen Papercraft is based from Strike Witches anime & manga characters. Raisa Pottgen is a Witch attached with the Karlsland Air Force.

Her nickname is Rai, Raisa Pottgen seems to have similar expression like Rai from noblesse oblidge manhwa too.

in the Strike Witches anime, Raisa seems to harbors feelings towards Hanna Justina Marseille and worship her.

Raisa is a quiet character but she has the air combat skills to keep up with Marseille’s behavior and continue to protect her back on the battlefield, which mean she is quite a skillful Strike Witch.

Raisa Pottgen appearance can be seen in Strike Witches season 2 , episode 12. Strike Witches Raisa Pottgen Anime Papercraft designer is Rahamu

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