Riku’s Keyblade Soul Eater Papercraft

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The Soul Eater is a weapon used by Riku, introduced in Kingdom Hearts. It is a sword that grows more powerful when used with darkness, and is the developing form of Way to the Dawn.

In Kingdom Hearts game, Riku learns to summon the Soul Eater which he uses as his primary weapon. Later while he is in Traverse Town, he uses it to take out a pair of Soldiers that are about to attack Sora.

When Riku battle Vexen in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories , Vexen uses data from the battle to create the Riku Replica; this clone uses his own Soul Eater in his battles against both Riku and Sora, who is ascending the upper floors of the castle.

the file size for Riku’s Keyblade Soul Eater Papercraft is 41mb. According to papercraft designer EuTytoAlba, There are six PDFs in this ZIP file, two for each preset size one in full color, and one in ink-efficient black & white

This blade is suitable for cosplay, it’s in human size.

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