Suzuhara Lulu Paper craft [Paid]

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Suzuhara Lulu is a vtuber or vYoutuber, whichever you fancy.

After having some rough time with our hosting, we’re finally back online and today I found a lovely paper craft model by moekami.

A second-year girl who goes to an all-girls university. She’s from a family of honorable origin, and is a so-called “sheltered girl”. To fix her ignorance of the world, she started streaming. She doesn’t intend to be behind on trends, and likes to try things out of curiosity. She likes singing, and wants her voice to reach many people

That’s the personality of Suzuhara Lulu and her paper craft is awesome too. As usual papercrafts from moekami is easily build and has high quality details.

However, this model is not free. You have to buy it for 2000 YEN . It’s around $18 USD. Which is honestly quite expensive but if you’re into this model , then it’s worthy.