Honda N360 Kei Car Papercraft

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This is another one of Honda Kei class car, the N360 that was sold from March 1967 through 1970. If you’re looking for how to make a papercraft car, I would say Honda N360 Kei is a good start.

In January 1970, the N360 received a facelift and became the NIII360 continuing production till 1972. The modern version of this car is N-One which we posted before.

The N-One is available in 8 color variants, offering a range of choices. On the other hand, the N360 comes in only two colors: red and white. Personally, I prefer the white color version papercraft, but if it’s for in real life driving then I’ll take red.

Reason being that it would take less ink to print the templates. LOL.

The templates requires 29 papers and the scale is similar to N-One , 1:9 in scale. The assembling guides are in Japanese, but it shouldn’t be an issue as they are picture guides.

*I love small cars since it’s easy to park them*

Papercraft Templates