Thunderbird 2 Pepakura

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Thunderbirds is a 1960s British science-fiction television series and this is Thunderbird 2 chemical rockets machine.

Thunderbird 2 ? a 250 feet (76 m)-long, heavy-duty, supersonic, VTOL, lifting body carrier aircraft used for transporting major rescue equipment and vehicles, including Thunderbird 4 in a detachable containers called “Pods”.

Trivia : Thunderbird 2 is the only space craft that makes appearances in all except 1 episode of the tv series.

It is piloted by Virgil Tracy and launched from the Tracy Island cliff-face runway.

This model kits is not an easy model to make, I’d say the difficulty level is medium hard as it has many parts and may require difficult assembling skills.

Model requires only 2 sheet of paper, it was designed by iJoy and comes with english/Japanese instruction guide.

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