TIE Pilot – Star Wars Paper craft

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Star Wars : The Force Awaken movie premiering in a few days and so mypapercraft is releasing a Star Wars paper model!

This is a hard paper craft to build suitable for adults. Kids should stay away.

I’m no fan of Star Wars but I do like their troopers figurine and this one here taken from Star Wars Battlefront video game. It’s the TIE pilot of the Imperial Navy.

They serve in the Starfighter Corps piloting TIE Series starfighters.

Our Tie Pilot model here is ripped by ggctuk and unfolded by me, Mypapercraft.net . It should not be that hard to assemble and I tried making the parts as easy as I can. Except for the hand…

The guy who rip this model accidentally ripped 2 pair of hands of each side and he merge it in a way I can’t recover or fix it. Uh well you can but it’s like you’re better of ripping new model.