Kurumi by Bagvz

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Hey guys it has been a while since I last updated MYP , I’ve been super busy with stuff but here today I’d like to present a model made by Bagvz Zuka AnimOnster .

He shared with us the model of Kurumi from Date A Live.. Another person who adores her huh? lol..

I like all characters from the anime Date A Live... So, I hope. I can collect all the paper crafts of Date A Live

I build kurumi in just 1 day… The hardest part is kurumi’s skirts and headband … because, there should be a section that folds wave… To others , the tips in building her is , I think not to always follow the instruction to build it, there are some parts where you have to use your own ideas just to fit it

Nice advice Bagvz, you do have to be creative in building paper models especially with difficult parts. Thanks for sharing it with MYP.

You can download Kurumi paper model here at this link Click Me