Touhou Project Shikieiki Yamaxanadu paper craft

Kevin Villa S. came out with another awesome model and this time it’s Shikeiki Yamaxanadu from Touhou Project series.

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu is one of the Yama who judge the dead to decide whether they go to Heaven, Hell, Hakugyokurou, or get reincarnated.

Whether it’s because she simply has a habit of lecturing or because she genuinely wants others to change for the better, she’s become well known in Gensokyo for lecturing anyone and everyone about their faults.

The souls of the dead are brought to her by Komachi over a river called the Sanzu no Kawa.

However, not every soul makes it all the way to Shikieiki without being tired out from the journey or being extinguished by Komachi. She currently resides in Hell to judge the dead who have traversed Higan and the Sanzu no Kawa.

That’s the wiki description on her howerver there’s a bit diference between wiki picture of her and Kevin’s model here which confuses me a little since our paper craft model here wore black while her official picture is blue and a bit smaller and fatter.

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