Konjiki no Yami Paper craft

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Another awesome paper craft by Kevin Villa S from rexxkentrix papercraft.blogspot.my and this time it’s Yami Darkness otherwise known as Golden Darkness (Konjiki no Yami) from To Love Ru.

Yami, is a major character in To Love-Ru and To Love-Ru Darkness where she is a lonely assassins hired by Lacospo to kill Rito Yuuki.

Was it Rito Yuuki or Yuuki Rito? Japanese names can be confusing at times.

Anyway Lacospo annuls the job later but Yami stays in the pretense that she still has to finish her job of killing Rito but she just laze her days around him.

Yami then becomes friends with Rito’s sister and eventually fallen for Rito himself.

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