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Ultraman Ginga is another sequel and part of the Shin Ultraman Retsuden.

These days one can become and Ultraman by buying a figure called Ginga Spark ( it?s something like a sword handle thingie ). If you are lucky, the items that you might get in Ginga Spark would turn you into an Ultraman!

So there is this one lucky Japanese man named Hikaru Raido that bought and got the super rare lucky item which not only allow him to trance into Ginga, but also Ultraive.

Hikaru then become the superhero he always dream off and fight the darkness behind the Spark Dolls with his friends.

In case you?re interested to become an Ultraman I just saw Ultraman Ginga?DX Ginga Spark on sale on amazon for $40 😛

Ginga requires 11 sheet of paper to build and it comes in PDF only. All the instruction and templates are included in one PDF. As usual instruction guide is in Japanese language.

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