Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-01 Paper Model

This is the old model of Neon Genesis Evangelion, what I mean by old is that this is the old art design of EVA-01 version 2000.

The old version does not have green stripes on its abs while the new version has more green stripes. You may get the newer version EVA-01 templates here .

Unit 01 is first piloted by Yui Ikari, Shinji Ikari’s mother. Unit 01 is also the host of Yui Ikari’s soul. During a Contact Experiment with the incomplete Unit-01, an accident happened where Yui lost her body and her soul is bind to Eva-01.

Shinji’s father tried to recreate her body and fix her soul back into an artificial body but he failed thus Ayanami Rei was born from the failed project. That’s quite a sad story.. No wonder Rei look so empty.

If you are interested with EVA-01 action figure I saw one selling about $40 on amazon.

Picture of Eva-01 model here is by non other than our own papercrafters Matteusz from Edge Papercraft. The link here will brought you to his FB page where you can check out more of his models.

As for our Eva-01 model here it was released by EPSON, yes EPSON the printer brand and which is also related to our next info, EVA-01 requires 58 printable paper to build. Might I suggest you guys to hook up your printer with CISS ink to save money? lol . The templates and assembling instruction comes in PDF .

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