Vampire in Swimsuit

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Mateusz has shared me his finished model of Hasegawa Kobato from the anime Ore no ore no tomodachi ga sukunai that I posted last Christmas. Took you long enough Mat 😛

As usual Mateusz finished product is done professionally . Perhaps Mateusz could share with us how he did it ? I wonder what is his tips in making great papercraft 😕

If you guys would like to see more of Mateusz work do visit his website Here

So who is Hasegawa Kobato in Ore no ore no tomodachi ga sukunai anime ?

Kobato is Kodakas younger sister , she has had a penchant for darkness, vampires and the macabre ever since she started watching an anime called Kurogane no Necromancer. As a result she often speaks in an affected fashion, claims to be known as the ancient vampire Reisys VI Felicity Sumeragi, and wears a gothic dress and red contacts, but this facade quickly breaks down when she gets emotionally worked up and she speaks in a strong Kyosho accent.

Hasegawa Kobato Papercraft Download