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Yaya anime paper craft is the main character of Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai aka Unbreakable Machine Doll anime/light novel/manga. Also known as Mashin-Doru wa kizutsukanai.

Yaya is one of the main characters in this series and named for her indestructibility. She is a Banned doll, meaning she is a puppet who has human components. She has real human blood and skin.

The series suggests that Yaya is a machine doll in actuality. However, it is unknown just how complete she is at the moment. Yaya, like Sigmund, must also consume food to maintain her body functions.

Mashin-Doru wa kizutsukanai

Well … What do you expect right? She has human component, so she has to eat somewhat. I remember watching this anime on TV. It wasn’t really that interesting to me but I kind of watched it in the middle.

But it has Light Novel, manga and anime which means it is popular in Japan, so it should be a good series to watch . Perhaps I should re-watch it again.

This is a paid model paper craft by Lili . Requires 16 sheets of paper to build.

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