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This is a Chibi version of Inuyasha papercraft from anime of the same title . Inuyasha is a popular Japanese anime series that airs during 2000-2005 .

Inuyasha half demon half human, fallen in love with Kikyou, a human and the priestesses that guard Shikon no tama. Naraku who wanted Shikon no tama for himself made a doppelganger of Inuyasha and attacked Kikyou’s temple.

Kikyou who think it was really Inuyasha who stole Shikon no tama, decided that her weakness of falling for Inuyasha is the caused of her failure.

Kikyou then hunted Inuyasha and seal him on a tree but Kikyou herself was terribly hurt and died soon after.

Hundred years later , Kagome from the year 1990s fallen into a well and went back hundreds years back in the future and met Inuyasha that was sleeping and sealed on a tree.

There lies there fate of Inuyasha 167 anime long tv series episodes.

Inuyasha anime papercraft designer is ihchoi67

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