Yuuki Asuna Anime Papercraft

This is Yuuki Asuna anime papercraft by Kevin S. Previously we posted Kirigaya Kirito made by the same person .

Again, Asuna is a character from Sword Art Online anime and video games. A PS Vita version of the game will be released in English by this May-August 2014. I have already bought PS Vita and currently waiting for May to come by.

To be honest I am getting bored of writing Asuna and Kirito’s description, it’s the same thing every time and all of you readers that stumble upon this page knew her anyway. However for the sake of future readers, I still have to write some goddamn unique description because big bad Google doesn’t like it when someone writes the same description over and over again.

How unique can you be ? It is basically the same thing except this model is made by a different person and with different pose. Yes this Asuna model has a bit of relax and idle pose, similar to her chibi version that you can get here. Both of these model were made based on figma and Nendroid version of the character.

A little bit about Kevin that I figure out from the PDO is that he is a Runescape player. Unlock the templates by clicking on one of the three buttons listed below .

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Papercraft Templates