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Surely much introduction is not needed for this character. If there is anyone who doesn’t know who Asuna is , the person should commit Harakiri!

Asuna is the heroine of Sword Art Online anime and she is second best in SAO next to Kirito. Asuna is said to be about 168cm tall and her tree sizes are 82-60-83. Asuna started playing SAO when she was 15 and stuck in the game till Kirito killed the main boss at 17. Asuna then trapped by her fiance in Aincrad for another year, it’s not till she’s 18 that she met Kirito in real life.

The designer of this model makes Asuna based on Yuki Asuna’s nendoroid figurine by Good Smile company that was released on Aug 2013 with ?3,500 price tag.

Yuki Asuna papercraft requires 7 sheets of paper, particularly not hard to make but requires attention to details. This is the second papercraft of Chibi SAO Family. I hope you enjoy making Asuna and their virtual child Yui.

As usual this is a featured papercraft for mypapercraft.net. Please do not upload this anywhere else and please keep the file here as I did not get this online, I bought it myself and share it with you guys.

If I keep seeing them on freehosting or other website I might stop buying and share stuff with you. Please do alerts others that are doing so. Thanks and happy papercrafting!

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