Zelda Keaton Mask Paper craft

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I strike a gold! What you ask ? Well this Zelda Keaton Mask is apparently went missing from the internet and an anonymous shared it back to the internet.

So it is now my job to share it back with you guys! This mask is a 1:1 scale mask which means it’s wearable. Making and assembling it is super easy.

Ok so who’s Keaton? Keaton is a character from Zelda Nintendo game series. Keatons are a race of fox-like creatures. They are first mentioned in Ocarina of Time, and appear as allies in Majora’s Mask.

Keaton are similar to Japanese fox “Kitsune” and “Nine Tail Fox ” as Keaton has 3 tails and looks like them.

Have you play Zelda games on any of the Nintendo consoles? Then do tell me what you like most in the game.

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