Baka to Test Hideyoshi’s Summon

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This is a long overdue project that took me more than 6 month to build . Due to many reasons that are unavoidable. As you can see this model is from Baka to test shoukanjuu and is Hideyoshi Kinoshita’s summon. It is design by WXY.

From picture you can see that mine is a bit discolorize, that because my printer has been acting up.. and this is actually a second model that I built, if you see the picture from my project it looks different . Well that one has been discarded due to many fault in assembling.
baka to test papercraft
This model is easy to built, requires a lot of patient and sturdy hands. Also if you didn’t configure pepakura viewer correctly, you may have problem assembling this model like I did .

Now if you would like to build this model you may do so by contacting WXY at his website Here .

A lot of comments here says that WXY has not been replying them.. well he could be too busy with work so you guys has to be patience for his reply.