Akumu no Sumu Ie – Ghost Hunt Manga Review

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Akumu no Sumu Ie – is a sequel of Ghost Hunt manga series set few months in the future. Since I had some free time I decided to write a bit review with heavy spoilers.


The story is about Midori and her mother who just bought a new house but plague with supernatural problems such as static TV, radio, stuff moved around the house, noises, feeling like someone is watching and weird condition of the house such as leaking, water with blood or rusty and voices telling not to come in the house and run away.

Turns out it was their crazy neighbor (Sasakura) who’s been tampering with electrical appliances and wiring of Midori’s house and entering the house through back door moving stuff so that the household moves out .

If only that was the case, it surely seems so at first but there’s spirits too. Five of them (Kawanabe) brutally murdered by their neighbor (Sekiguci family) who felt pressured by Kawanabe who lives there.

20 years ago, Kawanabe argues with Sekiguchi who moves in next house as their house was built a bit more into their plot. Kawanabe threaten to sues Sekiguchi by the end of the month.

Sekiguchi who couldn’t deal with being sued send their 2 kids to relatives house, broke in Kawanabe’s house at 2am and killed everyone except their daughter Hitomi who was not home yet.

They were supposed to bury the dead but Sekiguchi had an argument with his wife, killed his wife and went back to Kawanabe house and cut 2 of Kawanabe’s family into pieces in the bathroom.

He’s cutting them so it would be easier to move them as he’s now alone. The previous plan was he and his wife does the deeds but now his wife is dead too.

While he was cutting them in there, Hitomi comes home in the morning noticing that no one is home, feeling lonely about it she grumbles and went into the bathroom to wash her face and was killed instantly from behind by Sekiguchi.

The original plan was provably to moves every bodies and buried them somewhere but Sekiguchi went mad and killed his wife, perhaps realizing he’s done something unchangeable he hang himself in his house around 11 am the same day.

It’s the usual story for this manga/novel in fact almost every episode ( if you watch its anime ) had similar cases and plot line but this one manage to make me feel intrigue to know what the heck goes on with Midori’s house.

In this case, it wasn’t just Midori house being haunted, Sasakura’s too and that is the reason why Sasakura tried very hard at pranking Midori’s and previous renters.


At some part of manga ( since I was reading it at 1am ) I decided I can’t go on as it gets too psychologically creepy similar to what I’ve gone through in real life.

No one was murdered in my family but I did once saw a headless head fallen right in front of me. Yes it was supernatural and I wasn’t sleepy, I was playing an RPG game at the time.

Manga totally manage to make you feel the needs to keep on reading and at the ending leaves you with the feeling of heartache sadness.

Just that a few things that I felt a bit off and redundant.

1. There’s a new character join the show and he is an enforcer who’s investigating Naru for suspect of murdering Gene. He thinks Naru is a scammer and ghost doesn’t exist.

Throughout the manga , for a government official investigating someone he’s terribly bad and being unprofessional yelling here and there.

2. Naru and the government official argues a lot about logic and psychic stuff that it bores me to death . I skipped most of their dialogues

3. The house keeps tripping power due to Sasakura changes their main switch from 100v to 5v (voltage difference in input and outflow) and only Naru’s team realizes this despite Midori calling electrician to check their house before. Those were very incompetent electrician she called eh? Why call them electrician if they didn’t notice that.

4. Sekiguchi felt pressured by Kawanabe because they wanted to sue him . However, technically speaking it wasn’t Sekiguchi’s fault and they can’t be sue because they bought the house from a developer. Even if it was to bring to court, Sekiguchi could sue developer instead for causing him this distress.

So basically he killed Kawanabe’s family for nought.

The story was great really, plot was good. Haunting part was nice, totally intriguing for me and most of the time it makes you wonder what on earth happened.

And the last part where they show a spirit scene where Hitomi comes back home sees no one at home and went to the bathroom while all of the five spirits yell at her “not to come in, go back, run away” while she unknowingly being hacked to death was truly sad.

It definitely leaves me a heavy feelings in my heart.