Old PDO Files And Updates

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Hello there it’s been a while since I last updated anything much on myp and so I did a bit of spring cleaning on the site and found a few problems. So here’s some updates to solves the problems.

A few years ago I decided to recommend people using 7zip instead of WinRAR to open .RAR templates that we have. Some of them works okay but most of them can’t extract the files because 7zip doesn’t recognize the password even though it is correct. So from now on please use WinRAR to open the files instead. My apologies for not noticing it earlier.

As I was checking old templates, I realized that some PDO files can’t be open using Pepakura Viewer version 5. Turns out those files are incompatible with the latest version of Pepakura Viewer so you guys have to used Pepakura Viewer 3 or 4 to open those PDO files.

Luckily, the old version of Pepakura Viewers is available on Google so just do a Google and download them.

I have updated our FAQ page with this latest information.