Anime Girl Shirai Kuroko Paper craft

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Hey guys Happy New Year and to start with this new year we have an anime girl paper craft , Shirai Kuroko from Toaru Majutsu No Index aka A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Shirai Kuroko is a Level 4 esper and a student of Tokiwadai Middle School, as well as a member of Judgment.

She can usually be found accompanying the third-ranked Level 5 esper Misaka Mikoto ? her best friend, partner, and roommate.

This is another model that is sold at Lili’s shop, in Taobao, chine internet wholesale portal. But I’m not sure if this is made by Lili herself .

Just like any other Lili’s paper craft this anime paper craft is solid build. It’s a very high quality model and requires delicate hands to assemble. I give this a 5/5 difficulty .

If you have the money and willing to spent it, the same model is available as Figma and Nenderoid for sale. Both Shirai Kuroko Figma and Nenderoid is by GoodSmile toy company.

I hope you enjoy this model as much as I do. Happy New Year!!!