Chrome Hounds Papercraft

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Recently, my nephew has been engrossed in the captivating world of Metal Gear Phantom Pain, and it sparked my interest in Metal Gear Solid papercraft. Ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for these intricate paper models, and I’m excited to share my findings with you all here.


Chrome Hounds by SEGA is a tactical mech combat game that redefines the genre with a focus on cooperation & strategy. Set in an alternate reality, players control Hounds – massive customizable mechs, in six-vs-six battles.

Engage in warfare across large-scale, destructible environments & contribute to your team’s success by fulfilling various roles such as scout, heavy gunner, or tactical commander. The game emphasizes online play & features a persistent world war with territory shifting in real time. Its unique “Neroimus War” system adds a sense of continuity & consequence to every match.

If you have a fondness for Mecha, despite not having experienced the Xbox 360 game Chrome Hounds, I have a recommendation for you. There’s a particular Mecha in the Metal Gear Series known as “Metal Gear,” and this papercraft creation bears a resemblance to it.

To construct this impressive model, you’ll need 16 sheets of paper. It’s worth noting that assembling it may require a touch of patience due to the abundance of small parts involved.