Exteel Side Winder Paper craft

This is Side Winder mecha from the game Exteel by NCSoft.

Exteel was a third-person shooter game published by NCSOFT, a Korean game company, and was developed by NCSOFT’s E & G Studios.

Players controlled giant vehicles called Mechanaughts (“mecha”) and fought against the computer, or against other online players, in a variety of gameplay modes.

The Mechanaughts were customizable. The game was free to download and play, but players could buy “NCcoins” with real money, through the NCcoin micropayment system.

Exteel was released on 2007 and closed down on 2010. No I’ve never played it but I think this model is quite awesome to build and looks as great as a Gundam model.

Model by Destro2k

Download Exteel Side Winder